Prototype boards on the way

Posted in OpenSprinklette on June 17, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

The problem for powering the modules, used for opensprinklette, is that the sprinkler solenoids are driven by 24VAC.

So, I have found a circuit idea to sort that, added a few twists and now I have three prototypes:

  1. A basic board with TVS, bridge, electrolytic cap and Pololu Step-Down Voltage Regulator. I am using Pololu four pin step-down modules and the idea is you use a 3.3V, 5V or 9V depending on how you power up your board. (Yep, after buzzing out the prototypes I will correct TVT to TVS 🙂 )
  2. An Arduino UNO shield, with the 24VAC to 9VDC to drive the VIN pin on the UNO headers.
  3. A Wemos D1 Mini shield to with the 24VAC to 5VDC to drive the 5V pin on the headers.

I will buzz the boards out once they turn up. I will get the software into github for the Wemos boards. I am still testing the node-red scheduling stuff as I am trying to get a scheduling option up that doesn’t need to connect to a google calendar as well.

I have also come across and home-assistant so I will also look at that option.

In the meantime, I am doing a kotlin and kotlin + android course to get up to speed to write an android app to work with the system as well.


Bad Broadcom, bad, bad!

Posted in ODROID vs RaspingBreathburry, RaspingBreathburryDOodlePi, Sucky Wucky RaspingBreathBurry on May 20, 2019 by asteriondaedalus
Bad Bad Broadcom

So, with antitrust investigations, including accusations of monopoly practices by Broadcom, does anyone remember ODROID-W?

I do.

The rants in the Raspingdoodleberry Pi community about ODROID cheating, even though RPi comes under Creative Commons were interesting.

The gotcha appeared to be the documentation was Creative Commons (CC), even the design documentation, but building hardware based upon the design documents was not (apparently) acceptable to some.

The notion of opensource hardware appears, in fact, to be PCB level and not schematic level. So, without specific restrictions in place, building a PCB from the supplied schematic is a remix, in tune with the CC offered by the rasping lot.

So, the idea that can remix the schematic design, as you may or may not have had to to come up with ODROID-W, but you can’t build hardware from that schematic to get remixed PCB design is curious? What is the point then of that CC?

The variant of CC applied by The Rasping (is that a better jibe) should have been Non-Commercial, No Derivatives. Since The Rasping did NOT apply that restriction THEN all the bleating by members of The Rasping was unkempt, uncalled for and The Rasping should have culled the conversation and educated its members. In fact, it may draw attention by any investigation into Broadcom, since the banter was likely monopolistic in intent, especially where Broadcom employees joined in the discussion on The Rasping.

All the gaff about using the poor Raspingdoodleberry software developers efforts, when the software was offered opensource! Suck it up Princesses. You only asked for attribution. You got it.

So, is this just monopolising by Raspberry Pi community? How connected is that practice with accusations about Broadcom practices?

The more interesting thing is, apart from potty talk from the Raspingdoodlebury community, there appeared no other action directly on their part. The action on behalf of the Raspingdoodlebury Pi was apparently taken by Broadcom (according to some viewpoints).

Its hard to unpick the Broadcom/Raspberry Pi think.

Interesting, all very interesting.

I wonder how broadly the investigation into Broadcom, and monopoly practices, will look?

Not bad

Posted in 3D Printing, Robotics on May 4, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

So, I did a print of the wheel hub. It turned out I tight fit. Too tight to insert the motor without having to sand the inner surface of the collar that will hug the outrunner.

I snuck back into the model to shave a tad off for the next print. The collar will help fit the wheel square onto the outrunner to prevent wobbling.

Balancing Act

Posted in 3D Printing, AI, Hardware, Robotics on May 4, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

So, I have printed the carcass of a 3d printed balancing robot.

I bought two gimbal motors.

I have my pesky gimbal controller from my lidar experiments.

Go figure, you can buy rock crawler tires for my old Venom Creeper for $5 a pair, so I opted for an indoor/outdoor self balancing robot. To fit the crawler tires I grabbed a 3D model of a beaded 2.2″ rim. I then modified it with freeCAD to fit over the gimbal motor – including a collar to fit around the outboard spindle.

I will mate the gimbal controller with a Sipeed Dock M1W to give the balancing robot autonomous smarts. Especially with the wifi link, it can still lean on more smarts off-board.


Posted in 3D Printing on April 26, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

All sorts of problems with Flashforge Finder and the USB connection. More often the software cannot connect to the printer.

I have swapped USB ports onto my PC, instead of USB hub, that doesn’t fix it.

Of note, when watching the devices list, the list flashes whenever I insert or remove the USB connecter from the PC, but oddly no change in the number of items occurs in the devices list. That seems to mean the PC is detecting the insertion and removal of the USB connector but the driver is not picking up the printer at the other end.

The printer is too far away to try other cables (I only have 1x3m cable). So, I am trawling for my Arduino MEGA (which has the same USB Type B connector. If the Arduino IDE has problems with the MEGA then maybe I didn’t buy as high a quality cable as I thought I did.

The only other way I might be able to get around this is to open the side of the cabinet, send the files by wifi, close the cabinet. Downside of that is I lose the control via the software on the PC.

Nuisance? Sure is!


Posted in Rant on April 19, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

What a crock of shit!

Australia has a trade embargo placed upon it by Google on AI technology for edge computing.

This despite Australia and US having trade agreements.

This despite Australia and US DOD and US defence arrangements.

We need a class action against Google for going against trade agreements. Are Google going to cut Australia off from cloud based AI engines? I suspect so, you can’t account for emargos on edge computing if you don’t restrict the capability entirely. OR, its just a grubby means to push the price up to Australia, again, even though the difference should only be in shipping costs and not in technology costs.

For that matter don’t buy Sparkfun or Seeed Studio for the duration, since they harbour Google technology.

Interestingly there is evidence of US suing other countries for access to commodities. If AI is to be ubiquitous then it needs to be a commodity. Then the slimy US corporate giant is trying to have it both ways.

The dopeyist thing about this, you can’t buy a Google Coral USB from Seeed Studio, because you are Australian, but China is on list of countries you can’t sell Google Coral to. Seeed Studio is Chinese. So, dopey thing is you can’t buy from the US Seeed Studio office, if you are on the list of embargoed countries, so why is Seeed Studio even allowed to sell any Google Coral USB? Yes, business names and franchises etc. So what is really the point of the franchise? They are NOT worth the reputational points if they cannot carry the stock over the borders. They are a farce.

Fingers Crossed XXXXX

Posted in 3D Printing on April 10, 2019 by asteriondaedalus

Just doing a test print of 1300 to 1 planetary gears.