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Boo Win32Forth

Posted in The Downside of software development on July 31, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

I had an itch to download WIN32FORTH to have something on the laptop to find that I can say that McAfee rocks!!  (yes I pay for security).

Various sage commenters on the WIN32FORTH yahoo site wax lyrical that FORTH is so clever, because it has self modifying code, that poor virus checkers are fooled by its smugness.

I found, however, a series of trojan or virus that map to known afflictions across various non-FORTH based exe files – so boo to WIN32FORTH.

If you know that your site has been hit with virus and trojan’s why are you not locking out the site until it is fixed.

Got around this crap by installing DOSBox and then installing my old favourite FPC3.6!  It will do the job as a prototyping environment.


Found Python again and turns out it is backbone of Synapse SNAP OS for embedded RF.  Have also found an embedded Python for Arduino Mega – just have to get it compiled.

It’s here! And it’s perfect!

Posted in Chase That Dog!! on July 25, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

The RC sail boat servo turned up.  Phew! … on a number of counts.

I guess I didn’t have a sense of the size of the thing when I ordered it AND was always curious how I would mount it.

Turns out is is relatively large BUT if I cut off one of the mounting flanges the thing will araldite or double-sided-taped in place AND it will EXACTLY fit into the nook in the front of the chasis.  The “winch” is large enough to clear the rack steering AND the “winch” lines up exactly over the rack.


Above it is loosely dropped in to give the idea.  A small amount of “surgery” will be required to fit it.  The pulley has a couple of small holes in it so the pulley cable won’t slip.  The 360 degree motion is more than what is needed but I thought it might help if some amount of auto calibration is required.  I am thinking of something as simple as a black spot on the rack (look beneath the pulley) and a means to find the SPOT (apt since this is a dog chaser).

Chase that Dog Platform

Posted in Chase That Dog!! on July 24, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

So the basic 1/10 monster truck chasis.  All electronics ripped out.  Notice the basic steering.  There will be a RC Sailboat Servo with a pulley as a winch to steer this.

Notice USB Host shield inserted into ROMEO.  Still have to double check pin allocations …


As integration approach, will work initial software integration using Freeduino USB host and IDEOS, then sort out ROMEO with USB Host shield once familiarised.

Inventory so far – Brains

Posted in Hardware on July 24, 2011 by asteriondaedalus
Board CPU Number
Arduino MEGA ATmega1280 1
Beagle Board XM DM3730 Cortex A8 1
Blackwidow ATmega328P 1
Yellowjacket ATmega328P 2
Propeller Proto Board Propeller 1
Propeller Prototyping module PropRPM Propeller 2
Seeduino Film Atmega168 2
JPEG Trigger ATmega328 2
Romeo ATmega328 1
Freeduino USB Host Board ATmega??? 1
ArduPilot ATmega328 2
Flyduino Atmega328P 1


Posted in Arduino, Chase That Dog!!, Locomotion, Prototyping on July 24, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

I have  a ROMEO 1.0 board mounted on a cheap 10x toy rc truck, which I am using for the basic experiments (Rock Crawler unassembled in cupboard until experiments mature a little).

I took the RC gear out of the truck, including the clunky left-right only steering.  I am replacing the steering for a RC sail boat servo which has 360 degree rotation (1x) – rather than 180 degree of the standard servo.  It also comes with a pully so I can use it to provide proportional steering to the chassis.

PWM experiments disappointing so far.  The toy status causes a problem as the gearing is quite high, so once juice enough to turn the wheels, it lurches ahead quite fast.

Hello world!

Posted in Uncategorized on July 23, 2011 by asteriondaedalus

Blog up and running to give a status of things.  Things will be slow, busy job and doing a Masters so this hobby adventure will simmer slowly.