Boo Win32Forth

I had an itch to download WIN32FORTH to have something on the laptop to find that I can say that McAfee rocks!!  (yes I pay for security).

Various sage commenters on the WIN32FORTH yahoo site wax lyrical that FORTH is so clever, because it has self modifying code, that poor virus checkers are fooled by its smugness.

I found, however, a series of trojan or virus that map to known afflictions across various non-FORTH based exe files – so boo to WIN32FORTH.

If you know that your site has been hit with virus and trojan’s why are you not locking out the site until it is fixed.

Got around this crap by installing DOSBox and then installing my old favourite FPC3.6!  It will do the job as a prototyping environment.


Found Python again and turns out it is backbone of Synapse SNAP OS for embedded RF.  Have also found an embedded Python for Arduino Mega – just have to get it compiled.

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