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Now that’s what is needed!!

Posted in Arduino, Hardware, Locomotion, Prototyping on February 18, 2012 by asteriondaedalus


So, a Usurper!  I fiddled with the Films and will find something else for them to do.

This new board from DFRobotics is PERFECT for a Swashbot project.  I have one coming along with a XBee/USB board (you can see the XBee socket underneath.

So, will need to build gaits into board and pass sensor data back to laptop for moving around room.


I will use larger servos as I am hoping the thang’ll carry a small android phone as well.  I have been playing with video streaming from android devices and so the field is open.

With 12 pwm outputs it can have a couple of extra servos with IR scanners, and with 8 analog inputs the IR scanners can be backed up with resistor whiskers for close in bumps.

There is also a prospect for some sort of animatronic bird chaser.  Pesky birds are eating the vegetables in the yard so something to flail and make noise when it detects motion close by.