Star gazing

So, a little trouble getting the Framemarkers demo working from the QualCOMM AR (Artificial Reality) toolset.

However, turned out with a little reading of the log and the use of the debugger it was as simple as the jar not being in the build path – easily fixed.


Now what application does this have in my robotics experiments?  Have a look at Stargazer.

So, ID tags on ceilings and software to triangulate.

Well, what I was thinking about is integrating the Framemarker detection with a monocular SLAM (google “monocular SLAM” or “monocular visual odometry”).

Yes, a sort of a cheat in place of the feature detection and possibly even superior if I play with including the physical locations of the tags – SLAM works relative to features rather than absolute (generally).

Regardless, not a bad little experiment to train up on NDK, Android, SLAM and AR.

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