The Plague of opensource

Yes I said it – Open source is a plague.

Makes me hot and cold.

Even something like ubuntu!

I used the wubi tool some time ago to run ubuntu 11.10 along with windoze.


I then upgraded tonight to 12.whatzit.


Broke the installation.

Found a fix which apparently requires a linux boot disc etc and about half a daze effort to poke around the innards but I lost heart.

Turns out the wubi installed ubuntu is not a well behaved windoze installation as it refuses to uninstall itself.  When was the last time a hack sat around in the Control Panel?  I can’t remember the last time.

So, I had to go deep.

Found a command line tool bcdedit which lifted ubuntu from the boot options and a manual delete of the directories had to suffice.  Not a lot in them, looks like the upgrade emptied 11.10 but put no 12.whatzit back in – which is why I got a blue background and a mouse pointer and nothing else when I logged in after the upgrade.

People grumble about Microsoft but I have never really done much when windoze upgrades save for avoiding to shut off while it updates quietly in background.

Take a leaf linux community.

The real insult is the comments back from the so-called help line that the windows install is not meant to be a real version – why the not?  It was an effortless install for a casual user, if you don’t see a market there don’t irritate people.

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