MSN, User Community, and that joke about the hot air balloon

Community help.  Is it?

More often than not, no.

Go figure if you don’t pay for it you get what you pay for.

Had a problem with a couple of builds from other sources.  The developers used CMAKE and banked on you having MS VC++.

Now there have been a few software downloads that rely on MS VC++ and so I ended up variously with v5, v8, v9 and v10 dependencies.  32bit and 64 bit.

Problem, the license management of ms development products sux and so I hit a wall when I had V10 IDE working fine but the thing wouldn’t work from command line – reporting license expired.  That is, I narrowed it down to the multiple versions of MS VC++ interacting.

No matter I thought.  I would ask the friendly goons at MSN the friendly Microsoft community.

Some dweeb basically panned me for using CMAKE and basically said I was on my own.  The problem for the dweeb was that the whole reason MS have released free development tools IS THE OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY.


I get it dweeb.

You had your 15 minutes as a supporting actor in Gamer but now you feel unrecognized.  We recognize you.



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