Pin compatible but …

Well, went to try out the Synapse XBEE replacements (SNAP).  Unfortunately I had assumed that I could plug the base node into my PC via the DFRobot XBee USB V2 I had in my drawer.  It was the first time I had dusted it off so first sign of a problem was that the driver installation failed with an Error 10 (driver didn’t start).  When the USB dongle is connected to the computer, Windoze assigns it a COM port but obviously assigns the wrong drivers.  I have posted on the DFRobot user group to see if someone else had solve the problem.

In any event, decided (begrudgingly) to order a Synapse USB dongle board for the base node – just to be on safe side.



The USB dongle is not an XBEE format.  The Synapse site says it fits “all” their modules – it should have said “all but the XBEE format” modules.  I ended up having to order a RF200PD1 module which is the Synapse propriety format.  The RF200PD1 will talk to the RF266Pc1 XBEE foot-print format modules so this isn’t an issue.  The confusion on the site on what mates with what is.



Synapse have updated their site to clarify that there is a difference in form factor between the two models so you aren’t misled by the use of “all”.


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