Waterproof mobile phones available between $70 single core and $140 dual core. POSTSCRIPT Read later article.

water proof phone

Android 2 odd on the single cores and Android 4 odd on the dual cores.

This will compliment the waterproof servos I have ordered for the Rock Crawler:


Or the waterproof brushless motor and esc:


(*pist* normal brushless motors can run under water BUT may need to do things to them to make them last longer)

So a bluetooth module on one serial port of the:


And an XBee/Snap on the other serial port and viola, Perfect waterproof system … well once I sort out how to waterproof the little board above.

Still, for projects that don’t need the sensors and only want to drive servos or ESC then a bluetooth XBee module on the:


So many possibilities and you can mix and match without pesky wires.

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