disappointing but go figure

I bought supposedly IP67 certified phone from DHgate to find it isn’t at all water proof (that’s what the ‘7’ of the IP67 stands for).

In fact, I found that the back panel doesn’t fit all that snuggle AND it has two screws supplied to tack it down BUT one of the screws came without a thread.  I have contacted the vendor and we’ll see whether this gets sorted.

However, for a throw away phone to hack for outside robots it will do until the real waterproof phone boom hits.  I half expected the problem as my search of the web found many Asian manufacturers basically lying about the phone ratings.

I was always going to likely silicon seal the thing anyway – although there is an (expensive) alternative.

Let buyer beware.

Note some vendors bother to warn you the phones are not immersible even though “water immersible” is stamped on the back under the “IP67 Certified” embossing.

I have passed the problem off to Australian Consumer affairs they are likely not to do anything since we aren’t wanting to upset the Chinese apparently.

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