3d Scanner/Lidar

Apart from experiments in wireless location (Bluetooth, Xbee/SNAP and WiFi all provide RSSI values), there is also a likely need for visual odometry.

SLAM, which is a passive sensing approach, is on the cards.  The other is either of two approaches to active visual odometry:

  1. Laser line and webcam.
  2. Projector and websam (structured light).

So, I few experiments on the go (I still have to build my two 64bit dual core AMD boxes to give me some distributed processing grunt) but a webcam with:

Item Description
CPU RK3066 Dual Core1.6G (Cortex-A9)
Ram DDR3 1GB
Rom On board NAND Flash 8G
Storage Expansion SD Card + T-Flash(Maximum support 32GB)
Video Format Support: Max.1920*1080 MKV(H.264 HP) AVI RM/RMVB FLV WMV9 MP4
Audio Format Support: MP3/WMA/APE/FLAC/AAC/OGG/AC3/WAV
Picture Format Support: Max.8000×8000 JPEG BMP GIF PNG
Web Camera Support: 0.3M Pixel
Microphone Built-in Microphone
Headphone Support headphone
WIFI Support IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
LAN Support 10/100M RJ45
Bluetooth Support Bluetooth V4.0
Output 1*MINI HDMI port(1.4a spec), Maximum support 1920*1080 60Hz
1*Video port, Support YPbPr output, Maximum support 1920*1080 60Hz
1*Audio port, Support left/right channel output
Ports 1*standard USB port
1*MINI HDMI port
1*RJ45 LAN port
1*Audio output port
1*Video output port
1*MINI USB port, Support OTG
1*MINI USB port for Power
1*TF Card slot
1*SD Card slot
Button 1*Power button
1*Physical button(For upgrading software)
LED 1*LED power indicator

; is a start.

android webcam

This sub $100 device has WiFi, Bluetooth and 10/100 Ethernet built in.  I have ordered two so one can be paired with a laser and one with a miniature led projector (for the structured light work).  Either can be used for monocular SLAM etc.  Paired they could be used for STEREO slam.

I will set up a Seeduino Film as a Laser Driver:

Bluetooth Frame Seeeduino Film

I suspect the various outputs of the webcam (HDMI, AV, USB etc) will allow me to drive a LED projector for the structured light:



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