Head of steam …

MOOS-IVP running!

MOOS-IVP running

This is running on my new (second hand) 64-bit LINUX box.

This is stage 1.

Stage 2 was to buzz out my Beaglebone development environment.  So far I have installed Eclipse and the ARM7 development environment onto the 64 bit LINUX box and built a small binary to dump onto the Beaglebone.  Unfortunately, I don’t appear to be able to configure the LINUX host to “see” the ttyUSBx ports (having tried two different approaches).  So, waiting on user group help (and you know how I feel about that).

In the meantime I guess I still have to sort what parts of MOOS-IVP I wan’t to run on the Beaglebone (no-visual apps generally) so I got the thing running my my LINUX host to get a feel for what can be parred back.  Might try setting up my 32 bit LINUX box to “pretend” to be the embedded environment to get the ball rolling while I sort out the cross-compilation environment.

The MOOS-IVP runs as a separate environment to the vehicle computer so I am paring it up with an AIO which will do all the motor control and the 10-DOF sensing etc.


The code for the AIO (from a port of AP2) is MAVLINK literate so I am thinking of bridging to AIO via Python (which comes with the Beaglebone).  There are various Pythonesque libraries I am toying with for application backbones including SPADE2, ZeroRPC (which is atop ZeroMQ), iPOPO OR even a combination of all three depending on needs.  Certainly, I am looking at ZeroRPC to act as a bridge out to the Synapse SNAP bits and bobs since the MESH of SNAP will replace the MAVLINK mesh aspects.

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