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Beaglebone Black Setup

Posted in Development, Hardware, Linux, Networking on June 15, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

bbb setup

Above is my setup for the Beaglebone Black development.  What fun!

None of the example setups for using the USB alone seemed to work (the ttyUSB* device never turns up on the Debian box).  There are a wealth of people (given the “bleats” on the various user groups) with the same problem.  So, while running it all through the USB seems a neat solution, I recommend going through the Ethernet.  Now I don’t necessarily recommend you go overboard such as the way I have, but I had an afternoon of huffing putting together Ikea furniture and I wanted something therapeutic to do – so there.

I didn’t want to dual boot my Windows desktop especially as  I wanted to potentially run different processes at the same time across the network so the Debian Wheezy 64 bit (the 3GHz HP desktop) went into the entertainment cabinet downstairs.

I VNC into the Debian box and did, for a time, have the BBB on a USB port of the Debian box but that meant going up and down stairs to hit reset buttons or read signals.  To fix this I got a wifi extender with four ports so I sftp to the BBB over wifi from the Debian box but power the BBB and also talk to it by the USB on my Windows box.  This means I can Tera Term VT into the BBB (as well as the Debian box) from Windows.  I can also SSH to the BBB from the Debian box (via TightVNC of the Debian by the Windows box).  The BBB also comes up on the Debian box via sftp.

Though there seems ample ways of getting to the BBB with this setup there is also the serial connection and I will soon sort that out as well.

With the four ports on the wifi extender I can now set up my Beablboard XM as well (as a desk top) and also start the vision experiments with the Android webcams I bought, remember the?:

android webcam

Head of steam …

Posted in Hardware, Linux, Software, Software Framework on June 11, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

MOOS-IVP running!

MOOS-IVP running

This is running on my new (second hand) 64-bit LINUX box.

This is stage 1.

Stage 2 was to buzz out my Beaglebone development environment.  So far I have installed Eclipse and the ARM7 development environment onto the 64 bit LINUX box and built a small binary to dump onto the Beaglebone.  Unfortunately, I don’t appear to be able to configure the LINUX host to “see” the ttyUSBx ports (having tried two different approaches).  So, waiting on user group help (and you know how I feel about that).

In the meantime I guess I still have to sort what parts of MOOS-IVP I wan’t to run on the Beaglebone (no-visual apps generally) so I got the thing running my my LINUX host to get a feel for what can be parred back.  Might try setting up my 32 bit LINUX box to “pretend” to be the embedded environment to get the ball rolling while I sort out the cross-compilation environment.

The MOOS-IVP runs as a separate environment to the vehicle computer so I am paring it up with an AIO which will do all the motor control and the 10-DOF sensing etc.


The code for the AIO (from a port of AP2) is MAVLINK literate so I am thinking of bridging to AIO via Python (which comes with the Beaglebone).  There are various Pythonesque libraries I am toying with for application backbones including SPADE2, ZeroRPC (which is atop ZeroMQ), iPOPO OR even a combination of all three depending on needs.  Certainly, I am looking at ZeroRPC to act as a bridge out to the Synapse SNAP bits and bobs since the MESH of SNAP will replace the MAVLINK mesh aspects.