What a coincidence

So, a while back I ordered 10 PhuBar3 boards because I had a suspicion.

At the time the InvenSense 3 axis chip used in the design was looking to be pin compatible (more or less) with the 6 axis chip coming up.

Turns out, the 9 axis chip also seems to have (more or less) the same pin-out.


MPU 9150

Now along with the new Propeller C, it seems like time to put a few things together to see if something a little more sophisticated can be stuffed into the small form factor.

Tiny PhuBar

Stage 1

Set up a Propeller prototype of the PhuBar on the one of the prototype boards I have in the toolbox.

Propeller Prototype

Realistically, the initial work should use the ITG-3200 to buzz out the prototyping configuration B4 changing to the MPU-9150.

ITG 3200 Breakout

Stage 2

This will include getting a MPU 9150 breakout and getting the 3 axis based code running with the new chip.

MPU 9150 breakout


Stage 3

Take some of the example DCM code around (for Propeller and for Arduino) and get an IMU running.


Stage n

Et cetera

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