It occurred …

Doodling with POSH and SPADE and it occurred it might get a little hard to debug crashing everything together all at once.

So I opted for something saner.

The idea is the POSH/SPADE agents will run on an Android phone and talk to the Arduino firmata slave by Bluetooth.

The great thing is I have been writing the Python experiments on my desktop machine and talking to my android-scripting, install on my Samsung Galaxy SII, with my Stackless Python.

So, a few tricks for old players when modifying the firmata for Bluetooth.

1) replace “import serial” with “import android”

2) change the parameters to __init__ to a single droid parameter.  This will be the android-scripting instance of the Android() class.

3) Add a method that will connect to the Bluetooth on your Arduino.  The droid.bluetoothConnect(xxx) needs to use the universal UUID for serial connections, namely: xxx = ‘00001101-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb’ – you need to call this to get a serial connection.

2) JSON calls baulk at chr(x) to build strings for the Bluetooth as it expects utf-8.  Minimal code change was to go from:




So, I seem to have got the Python (on the PC) connecting to the Bluetooth module on the Arduino, via the Android phone.  Closed up shop for the weekend so I was happy the Bluetooth modified Arduino class seemed to run (mostly) like the original serial version.  Needs some more testing though.

The point being, I should be able to drive the Romeo AllInOne on my cheap truck chassis without moving away from firmdata for a while – doubly remotely skipping through phone from PC.  I have been using firmdata, over USB serial, to buzz out the winch servo I am fitting to it to give it more refined steering than came with it.  So first test will be to see if I can do the same over Bluetooth.  Next will be to take some of the romeo examples, in processing, and convert them to firmata calls from python.  This will allow a basic cell bot with firmata at bottom end and a python abstraction – for now.

Anyway, the current setup up is:

pydroid setup


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