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Memory leak

Posted in The Downside of software development on October 22, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

Ah well, computer started slowing down, choking, screen blinking, non-responsive, blue screening.

I uninstalled McAffee and viola!  So, McAffee installed … memory leak and computer crash.  McAffee not installed. … no memory leak and no computer crash.

Seems like an old problem creeping back in from older chatter on their user group.  Same old denial etc.  Not worth chasing, will take my money elsewhere.


Go figure.  Free AVG kept popping up with a malware warning on a file that wasn’t on my machine.  Support wouldn’t fix the problem unless I bought an AVG licence and so I am back with McAfee (better the devil you know).  The problem with the AVG support mentality was that AVG let the malware onto my machine and could not remove it as often as it tried OR had a bug that prompted a cyclic malware problem in the absence of one.

The re-install of McAfee seems to be a new look and feel as well and it has run now for a few hours without crashing my machine with a memory leak so I will just keep vigilant.  This sort of problem, with a bug being re-introduced every now and then, is a symptom of poor software configuration management.  Microsoft was another culprit who used to do the same thing to us.

It would appear then that McAfee didn’t acknowledge that they injected the fault but snuck in a fix the next release after the problem was injected.

So there is hope for Open Source

Posted in Open Source can be professional on October 8, 2013 by asteriondaedalus

I bought 10 stepping motors and controllers from china – $1.50 each.  No documentation.  Found a video on youtube that looked like the stepping motor and controller pair I had bought.

Did a little archaeology to come up with AccelStepper link!

Now no points for guessing who ignored the so-called Agile(r) anti-pattern of “code comments”.

Well done Mike!  I want to be like Mike!