Damn Telstra

Go figure, I get a couple of weeks off over Christmas.  I start on the Altera FPGA training but things slow down and then stop.  Telstra lost services in North Adelaide about Boxing day and today I am only on because I am tethered to my Optus phone.

It was quite debilitating to be off-line, I didn’t realize how much I rely on just skipping over the Net to get info AND over Christmas to boot.  Go figure, as Telstra had bought out FOXTEL the FOXTEL was broken as well.

Even though we still had a home LAN, so I could move forward on my firmata over bluetooth and sl4a experiments.  Got both PyBluez and sl4a bluetooth flashing LED but sl4a connections are flaky and drop out so PyBluez seems the better option.  Still trying to get romeo motor drive working.  There seems to be a problem setting up the PWM pins (5 and 6 in the case of the Romeo).

For a little therapy I knocked up a pin-out map for both the MAX shield I have and the Romeo.  So for your viewing pleasure:

Mega sensor shield mapping

Romeo pinouts

On the upside, my FPGA and CPLD boards have turned up so I can start fiddling with those as well.

Although, that last pesky subject for my Masters was paid for so another 12 weeks slaving over the books away from my hobbies starts in a couple of weeks.  Last subject though so I can relax after that – except for that nasty Master’s Thesis I have to write.


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