Belief Desire Intention 2

Go figure, by accident I came across a Python Library for BDI and even better it was based on AgentSpeak.


Only a few examples and a slide pack explaining (and a paper) it but the Agent Orientedness is there so plenty to read across to.

I found this while dawdling getting ready for my study so I will report more as I play with this.   First experiments will likely be installing and running basic examples on both the Beaglebone Black and the S4A Python implementations on Android (on my Samsung Galaxy SII and my Android Tablet).

After I dabble there then the likely course will be integrating it into Spade2 as the BDI approach for the distributed Spade2 agents … some old how.  Now a shorter path to integrating Agentspeak BDI into spade2 that when we began the journey.


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