So, last assignment for Master’s done save for re-reading and touching up references.  Two weeks ahead of when it has to be handed in so plenty of study time before exam.

In the meantime, some dusting off of projects in order I think.

So many, so which ones?

Might just dabble a bit with PROFETA.

I am going for a Samsung Galaxy S4 for my phone account upgrade so I can through the S2 back into the place I wanted it for – robotics experiments workhorse.

I might also get back into the FPGA bits and pieces as a couple of other toys have long turned up and waiting play:

Of course I also ordered the LOGIBONE with camera for FPGA vision experiments.  It hasn’t turned up yet since the chore of Kickstarter is getting in too early isn’t it.

Still I still have the other hack boards and now course is over with, and Telstra is sorted (so far) I can get back to the Altera video training etc.


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