Cyclone II – NIOS II

Yeah, bit boring the basic examples but they allow you to get the board up and running and buzz out the development environment.

I skipped over a few and went for a NIOS II example but while it compiled it was not intuitive.  Trying to open up the elements in the project browser failed with reports of encryption on files … I am not sure if designing with NIOS II requires a licence even if you can load and run models.  Will look into this.

In the meantime I have downloaded NIOS II manuals etc. to read into it a little.

Not sure this will be my bag as I am working towards FORTH engines and also DSP bits and pieces so not sure I want to spend too much time in NIOS II land.


[Authors Hamblen, Hall and Furman]

As it turns out, I have found a copy of “Rapid Prototyping of Digital Systems SOPC Edition” – which coincidentally is for Altera, Cyclone II and NIOS II.  The book uses v7.1 of the software but I will try out the material using v10.1 yes.

You can get the DVD online with all example code (if you download the 3Gbytes).

[Author Chu]

Otherwise, “Embedded SoPC Design with Nios II Processor and Verilog Examples” (including the example files).

Might be all good in the end – certainly meatier than lighting LED 😉


2 Responses to “Cyclone II – NIOS II”

  1. I now have the same board from “yingchun li” and am at a bit of a loss as to how to get started. Hopefully, this vendor will get back to me with the same chinese files you got. I’m glad this blog exists though; it’ll be a great starting point for me.

  2. I will put up extra resources you can find on the inter-web-thingy that may help.

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