Nvidia SUX

Not really, but I do hope they sort out there anti-FreeTrade thinking by not selling things like Shield and TK1 in Australia.

Now if a country can be forced, under free-trade, to export commodities, why are companies on the Internet not policed for failing to sell into countries with free-trade agreements with the source of the technology?

All the politics aside, the TK1 sorta kinda wraps it up for Parallella and for GreenArrays don’t you think?

Neat though is the latest from XMOS (XCORE-EA) which I think still might find it hard to get traction.

XCORE-EA is not targeting the same marked as TK1, Parallella but might go happily against GA144 I suppose.  Because the XCORE-EA is a little more “familiar” to people (and they are avoiding saying “transputer”) they might have a chance.


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