Upgrading game pad

So, the game pad my friend gave me for use as a wireless terminal from my robotics projects but alas the wifi on it appears to have died.

The JXD S7800B I ordered to replace it turned up.

JXD S7800B

JXD S7800B

Quad Core 7″ with joysticks.

I started poking around for java examples to use the joysticks then I came across PGS4A!

Seems not to want to install on my C: drive for some reason.  Tried a wild left of field thing and deleted it and re-installed on D:.  Of course, it turned out installer was buggy and would keep trying to part install, break, re-install past but not all the way, break … yawn.  I worked out it wasn’t renaming directories it was to use as progress flags.

We’ll see, as PGS4A purports to have python hooks into joysticks.  No matter if it doesn’t work I suppose but would be good.


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