Pixy post 2

It finally got here!

So, another distraction from my studies. Though the main culprit is I went looking for a second hand bloggie to get hold of a couple of extra omni-lenses.  They retail on the Sony site for $35 but you can’t get them any more for the bloggie I have and the lens themselves were retailing $120 for spares when they did have them.

So, turns out you can get a second hand bloggie for $60 so you get a lens and a camera. I’ll sell on the cameras to get some money back.

I am waiting on a response from sellers of two bloggie with the older setup – which is good since you can easily modify the lens to sit over a flat surface.

Good for flat surfaces.

Good for flat surfaces.


But I did get a deal on a Bloggie Duo that has a lens that is more like a periscope.


Give me one ping!

Give me one ping!


At the moment I am thinking of mounting the lens on a small plastic box and just us a USB catheter camera (raw camera for sub $20 from China).  Using the example processing code (re-coded either in ADK or NDK for Android, or at least on Beaglebone for fun) and knocking it up so it can provide basic collision detection.

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