Killing time

So, I plugged in my recently acquired endoscopic camera to see what it might look like through the omni lens.  Of course, I didn’t expect it to work out too well because of the LED light which would flood the lens.

I installed VS2012 (doesn’t like my Windows 7 apparently but seems to run anyoldway).

So, poked around the examples from OpenFramework and found one that was a simple frame grabber.  I had to modify it to point at my camera (there is another pesky camera definition on my system which I think was an old clapped out USB camera I tried running that crashed the computer – looks like it didn’t install properly, as usual).

Anyway, the result is not earth shattering:



BUT this framework works on linux, windows and android so I can design and implement on my windows box before porting to either of android device or beaglebone.  Pretty neat.

First I will take the OSX example of bloggie unwrapping to work it towards a windows visual bumper.


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