Accelerate 2

Okay, so a half day fidgeting to get pyOpenCL working.

Turns out it was easy.

I have a INTEL CORE i5  CPU and you just need to install the Intel OpenCL runtime.  The SDK won’t install anyway unless 1) you have something other than VS Express or 2) there appears to be a cheat to install it anyway.  It isn’t need for pyOpenCL.

Then install the relevant exe for pyOpenCL and run that.  I installed the 32 bit version because I opted for 32bit given the raft of libraries I wanted to use. I did try installing the AMD OpenCL SDK, thinking I would need it for the Radeon, but it turned out that wasn’t it at all. Experimenting with code examples from various places it looks good.

I have copies of a couple of OpenCL books so I can dabble in the background. This is primarily for prototyping and learning the ropes of OpenCL.

I am holding off on my ARM cluster, I was about to jump in and get 3 ODROID U3 but I can wait until they bring out the U4, hopefully with an RK3288.  The ODROID XU has OpenCL (via Octa chip set) but too expensive.


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