Arduino on Steroids!

What can I say?

I put my name down for funding it at INDIEGOGO.

The project brilliant.  Done to an Arduino IDE mod to do multi-threaded work.

It is up there with XMOS and Parallax Propeller.

Now, I wonder … you could probably use this technique to have a multi-threaded FORTH engine.  Not as many “cores” as Chuck Moore’s G144A12 Chip but likely more practicable given not every one will need 144 cores for practical projects.

I guess optional cores are:

  • J1 and as implemented on the gameduino (XILINX).
  • myforthprocessor at OpenCores – really BIG and comes with compiler.  Core includes floating point and it appears already has multi-core option (Xilinx).
  • HIVE at OpenCores – already has 8 threads (Altera but needs a bigger chip than on our experimenters board).

Certainly, as far as the cloudx project is concerned, there may be impetus for a cut down version that could be used (4 AVR MCU/threads say) without as much companion real estate as a APM-Multithread.  Just saying.


Dead project.  Chap couldn’t get the backing.  Oh well.

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