Cylone II-Exp.11-Epiphany! Or ah ha!

I pinged the board vendor to see if there were any gothchas when setting up this board.

Turns out, a couple of steps missing from the tutorial from Altera – go figure, you have to have priori knowledge to be a Newbee.  I hate the idea of Newbee, I am not sure why in a world of liberal education the idea persists.  If an educator was to take the viewpoint that someone ‘new’ was to be left to the devices of people not more knowledgeable than they for help then parents would be rioting and burning schools down I suspect.  Once you’re out of school, it is okay to make people put on a dunce’s cap and make them stand in the corner.

In any event, at least one step missing was to set the un-used pins to tri-stated inputs.  The other potentially missing step appeared to be running a second menu command to auto select interrupt vectors (inline with Step 11.).

We’ll see where those new bits of information get us.


One Response to “Cylone II-Exp.11-Epiphany! Or ah ha!”

  1. You sir, are a lifesaver. My lab partner purchased a board from the same manufacturer (Xilinx Spartan-3E XC3S500E FPGA Development board) and all the software that came with it was in Chinese. The buzzer was driving us mad and almost got us kicked out of lab. Thank you.

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