Cyclone II-Exp.11- Revisited

As mentioned, having uninstalled Quartus ® II 10.1 and installed 11.1, I thought we’d revisit the initial Nios II experiment.

So, you will need (at least):

  1. Introduction to the Altera Qsys System Integration Tool
  2. Qsys Training

Note Qsys was introduced in version 11.x to replace SOPC by version 12.x.  The trick was the Qsys tutorial is not available in the 11.1 coffers (the one above is the 12.1 tutorial).

SOPC is still available in 11.1 so any SOPC based designs you have, or are presented in the wealth of [cheap, free] books around, can still be used.

So Quartus ® II 11.1 and ModelSim 11.1 are actually a good trade off between working on older chips and also being able to work from older internet resources that go with those chips.

A report  – Cylone II-EXP11-Qsys – will follow once I have buzzed out the tutorial.

Helpful also will be:

  1. Nios II Hardware Development Tutorial
  2. Altera® Monitor Program manual
  3. Nios Software Build Tools

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