DSP and all that jazz

Further to …

It turns out Analog Devices buried their 21xx DSP mcu into motor controller version in a SOIC-28 package.

I trawled the internet and found an archive of the software tools to program and load  software onto these toys.

The chip (admc32x and admcf32x) are still available for a couple of dollars a pop, though they are no longer produced.

Moreover, there are more modern turnkey chips out there (see Allegro Microsystems A4960 itself obsolete 😉 so why bother.

Pure arse sentimental value.

I coded on these 21xx and 21xxx chips yonks ago.

Fairchild has a motor control chip that can drive the Isense line.  Just needs work on algorithms 😉

Turns out there are about 20 application notes you can grab off the web for these chips that talks about the nuances of motor control.


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