DSP soic soic soic DSP soic soic soic they’re dynomite

Motor control DSP chips

Motor control DSP chips

So I splurged and go a strip of the admcf32x.

There was an option for DIP version but I just got a small bag of SOIC28 adapters for the prototyping on breadboards. I have already added the chips to my Eagle library for later.

There is a little work to sort out programming them.  I found assembler, linker and prom exe off the internet (go figure someone kept a copy on a website) so it’s just sorting a UART interface for the prototyping. The fun one is the EEPROM boot mode, plenty of aftermarket EEPROM chips but no-one seems to have a programmer for them expect for the manufacturer (which is $$$).  I came close on aliexpress but some vendors there are not technologists so you can’t get useful info out of many of them.

I might end up just using a CPLD – we have the tools.

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