Getting there

Setting up (slowly) for experiments with the ADSP 21xx based ADMCF328 chips I grabbed of internet for cheap.

First step, set up to program them from serial line.

Based on the manual for the ADMCF32X PROCESSOR BOARD we need opto couplers between the RS232 line and the ADMCF328 for some dang blasted reason.

So, rather than go feral, I pieced together the actual chips from the board from the time machine of the internet.

Let's not stray too far from the original - for now

Let’s not stray too far from the original – for now


So, I will use my CPLD board to generate a 10MHz clk signal, rather than fiddle with a crystal.  For the moment I am going to go without the NME0505S although the mixing of analogue and digital gnd may be a little fiddly.  Although, this was inherited because I elected to go with the AD7306BR (an hence the opto couplers).   It may have made more sense to go with a MAX232 or similar.

The initial experiments will be LED lighting and driving my LogicSniffer by the PWM pins.

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