Okay, so I set myself a task to discover why I was getting ghosting in the display for Part VI of LAB 1.

The black and white box shows the ghost “A”.




This would be that the segment signals were not changing until after the display enable – carrying over the previous character for a short time before the blank is drawn.

Now this, in the un-registered approach, is plausible.  It means the signal paths for the segment drivers are longer (somewhat) than the display enables.

Bugger is, to date, I have failed to get a registered version working.

Of note, I used Fizzim to create a Verilog and a VHDL state machine to try driving the displays to find the same state machine input gives a Verilog soluton that generates rubbish (despite reading as if it should work); and a VHDL version that currently doesn’t clock, and so just shows the second character but reacts nicely to button input.

So, I decided to fire up ModelSim, which comes with Quartus, to see if the simulator would spread any light on the subject.  That will take a little time to sort out as the simulated version of the code that works (but ghosts) never seems to generate outputs, though I can step through the sweep generator fine.

I may get lazy and just use my LogicSniffer for the moment – at least to test the theory of the lag between the segment and display enables.

Fingers crossed.

I will put together the whole story once I have worked it out.

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