Erlang, Elixir, concurrency and functional programming

I toyed with Erlang a little while ago as I enjoyed functional programming in my early days.

In fact, I fell back into Erlang recently when I found people were doing for erlang VM what they’d been doing for the Java JVM – writing other languages that compiled to the VM.

So, go figure someone has done a version of Jason (agent oriented) at eJason.

Lisp is there with Lisp Flavored Erlang.

And Elixir is a new functional language to make using the OTP gentler than Erlang itself.

So, I have had to fire up my Debian64 to play with eJason and LFE, but my windoze box happily allows me to play with Erlang and Elixir.

I am slowing working through trying to get Erlang running on the bbb as well.


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