Here’s the thing

Forth in hardware on FPGA!

So, of all the options found uCore seems best as it compiles on my EP2C5T144C8, voila!:

Oh so squeezy!

Oh so squeezy!

So only just.

However, this board has no RAM et al so not a lot of point (since you need external RAM and ROM (so-called).

However, on my bigger Altera Cyclone II board it has room to spare (a little) and RAM et al on the board (no ROM but I will have to sort that some old how).  Here is the map:

A tad more room!

A tad more room!

There is a config file (more or less, a constants file) that allows you to tune the CPU so I will look at what that might do for me.  However, first thing will be to sort out a blinking light app.

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