Intriguing … when is Open Source not?

Raspberry Pi is Creative Commons.

My nephew has a Raspberry Pi – I helped him set it up last Christmas, and also sorted him out to develop on it from his Mac, his Arduino from his Mac and his Arduino from his Raspberry Pi from his Mac (torturous but fun, why not).

Me I am a Beagle boy (with an xM an two BBB).

Still, my nephew has invited me to help him with a project and, given he lives in Sydney and I live in Adelaide, I thought I would have to lower myself to get a Raspberry Pi to ensure whatever “help” I came up with worked on his target.

Luckily to help swallow my pride Hardkernel had the ODROID W, which is a Raspberry Pi clone.  It can run Raspbian etc. and has the same Broadcom BCM2835 ARM11 700Mhz on it as the Pi.  I also got the docking station with LCD.  Still half the size of a Pi though a little more expensive.

Mercifully, there is also a port of erlang for Raspbian so some evil plans are afoot – you don’t need a docking station for everything mwahahahaha!

The thing is, some time after I first came across it, Hardkernel put a caveat on their page that it wouldn’t be sold past the initial prototype run. Why not? Broadcom apparently refused to sell them anymore BCM2835.

The website now no longer has the “reason”, as it is removed now but the story is the same – once all the prototype run is gone then no more.

Funny that.

Broadcom not selling chips to a Raspberry Pi clone manufacturer.

Still, you have wonder as Raspberry Pi is Creative Commons which doesn’t make sense if you cannot use the hardware design because the SOC vendor won’t sell you chips.

Sort of makes me want an ODROID-W even more.  It is … was … very neat.

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