Batteries smatteries


I ordered a couple of extra ODROID-W without base board – just to have on hand for those spontaneous projects.

I haven’t ordered any batteries from Hardkernel due in no small part to the problems ordering batteries from overseas and the hassle with conniptions about lipos and fire.

So, I thought I would buy batteries locally.  They have JST and not  Molex 51021-0200 connections but I thought I would just add a jumper to the battery.  Ordered Molex jumpers to find, go figure, they are too big!

So now I have to sort out batteries from Hardkernel – if and only if they can send them.

The saving grace will be they sell button batteries for the RTC that have the right Molex connector.  Worst case I have to buy 8 of those to get the 4 molex connectors I will need for my ODROID-W boards.


So, to get the molex connectors from Digikey they will cost $0.34 (that is 34 cents) for ten.  Then $34 (that is 3400 cents) to post.  Why? They’d fit in an envelope with a stamp!  I ended up ordering 8 RTC button cells from Hardkernel.  They have the same connector so I will snip 4 and piggy back the connector on the batteries I bought.  If you think about it that is necessary because the batteries still need charging and the new molex connectors will not fit the charger – catch 22.

No real biggy.  Most RC batteries have two connectors, one for charger and one for power train.


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