Book not out of date, neither was software but do update software to version not called out in book

What a long title.

I bought a book on Processing 2 for Android.

I downloaded Processing 2.

It had suffered a minor setback as they had, apparently, lifted out the Android mode – rendering the book worthless.

I pinged the publisher for money back.

They pinged me with response author said book is not out of date but I should download Processing 3.

To wit I replied with the following:

RE: Money back please Order #xxxxxxx

To: xxxxxxxx Support


So, book is based on Processing 2.  Processing 2 no longer downloads with Android Mode (which was the root cause of problem) but book is “not out of date”.  Even though current Processing 2 version does not work as detailed in book.
But downloading Processing 3, which will make Processing 2 out of date, will have Android mode but not make the book based on Processing 2 out of date.
Gotya.  When you put it like that it all makes sense.
Have you ever heard the notion that the simplest lies are the best ones?
It actually looks like a minor incremental of the Processing software removed the Android mode post book release.
Look, I work in Defense.  We often have to lock stuff in “time capsule” for up to a decade to provided support.
As much for yourselves as a “victim” here, how about a policy that, authors need to “freeze” any supporting software (within reason) as kindness to people buying their books.
Space on github, source forge etc. is there for the taking.
In the meantime I will try the pesky Processing 3 that isn’t the Processing 2 that will be out of date but wasn’t why the book was.  (Let me know if you think I have the hang of it 😉

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