Handing Dissertation in next week.  So much to catch up on.

Buying a new house (subject now to bank but looking good).  Has, wait for it, … , a shed!

So, another month on this hiatus.  Looking forward to the sweet smell of solder, frayed wires piercing the soft flesh under my finger nails, wife nagging … hmmm … no, I won’t put an intercom in between the house and the shed, scratching that one off the list.

House should be sorted by the time my Sister brings my Nephew over for a quad-copter building frenzy.  My Sister is a science teacher and a computing nut.  I sent her on a Raspberry Pi workshop in Sydney last month to prepare for the week long build fest.

Should be fun.  We might all fit into the shed.  I told you I was getting a shed?  Yes, I am getting a shed!

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