Go and get Stacked!

Apparently I have to send at least 30 characters.  Apparently I can only send once every 3 minutes.  Apparently they censor you if you are not happy with the incredibly useless to no responses you get at times.

What exactly is the point of these wanking constrictions and especially of “reputation”?

Does the world really need to be run by dweebs and other pollution from the gene pool?

Likely not a concern for the fate of mankind as they are unlikely to get laid.

Certainly if they are hanging around Stack Overflow long often enough to get “reputation” they are not getting laid.

I know!  I will set up a website called “Stacksocial” where you get “reputation” for not being online and living life and getting laid.  Rats, name has been taken by a web based penny market thingy.  Ah, might call it “Go and get Stacked!”

In fact, perfect example.  I answered one of my own questions months after I raised it.  No one had bothered to respond at all to the question.  5 minutes after I answered my own question some dweeb corrects my spelling in my answer and gives me a negative vote for the my own answer to my own question as he found it not useful (apparently).

Note dweeb that the answer actually fixed the problem.

It really is a sign that the meek have inherited the earth.


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