Super Dooper Computer

All things come to those who wait.

Two mates came to party with free gifts.

One gave me a large stylish server case so I can build a old dual core server mother board into.  I am sourcing a CUDA board to get best GPU-bang for buck to build a OpenCV/PCL server to give some of my smaller roving bots a vision and mapping service.

To boot, another mate gave me his ODROID C1 so I now have a 4 board ODROiD C1 cluster!

This is for some of the experiments with ERLANG/ELIXIR/RIAK/Phoenix I am dabbling with.  Not to mention RabbitMQ et al.

I have been playing with RabbitMQ and emqtt to sort communication across network with ESP8266 and the 4 ODROID-W skattered around the place.  Currently running emqtt and node-red on an ODROID-W mounted on baseboard but once I have sorted things I will move it to a headerless ODROID-W to sit humming hidden in a small box out of site.

All good fun.


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