Got a new router from Telstra the other week.  Didn’t pop it online until tonight because Telstra shut down the service to the old router … so wifey she screamy loud.

I had high hopes BUT …

… I may have bleed my bleeding heart over these pages about the problems I have had with my WIFI since I downgraded my PC from Windoze 7 to Windoze 10.

Same old same old.

I wasn’t surprised when my box did not see the 5G connection.  I was secretly expecting thought that I could hop back onto the 3G connection.  As I have been piggy backed off a wireless extender for 6 months, I was expecting that the wankers at Microsoft had sorted WIFI problems.


Here I am piggy backed off my wireless extender.  Nope it doesn’t see the 5G either.

No biggy.

Enough to get by.  I will think about getting a new WIFI board as soon as I can trust that Microsoft has … no … I will keep my money.


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