So, bombed a C.H.I.P. with shairport-sync.  This is a neat Airplay client app.

Only problem is my old house seems to throttle back the wifi throughput with its double brick walls.

Pumping the music through the wifi router in the lounge (from my PC on my desk in my hobby room) the audio at the desk was choppy and honestly useless.

I tried bombing a second C.H.I.P. but got the same result.

So, as I had a wifi extender on my desk I connected PC and C.H.I.P. to that and voila!

Mostly good, though it did kaput and loose sync after half a dozen songs.  It took a restart of the shairport-sync and a couple of attempts at iTunes to reconnect everything up.

So, I downloaded the NETGEAR Wifi Analytics app to do a quick survey.  Not really much difference in bps but I wasn’t even getting peak performance a metre from the wifi router.

As the Wife insisted on no cables from Foxtel to television in the lounge a wifi extender is in use so I half suspect some interference (perhaps).  Not to mention we cannot have the router in view, as that is “ugly”, so there may be other structural interferences.

In truth though, more or less the same performance as the android app experiments using kodi on my phone.  Same difference, choppy.

I might need a good wifi extender in the ceiling to pump wifi at a high enough rate to TBD speakers in ceiling.


One Response to “Gag!”

  1. Ah! It appears when you are using iTunes running on Windoze 10 (again Windoze 10 is the culprit) the streaming to the Airplay device breaks after a time (also depends on the day to) but it cracks up. Sometimes bad enough to drop the connection between the iTunes host PC and the C.H.I.P.

    I borrowed the Wife’s iPad.

    Looks like it’s the Windoze 10 junk again.

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