Everything old is new again…

I just downloaded a free book from O’Rielly press: Free ebook: Object-Oriented vs. Functional Programming.

Sad really.

Consider my first programming language (gag I’m 57 in a couple of weeks so let’s be gentle and say 30 years ago) was LISP.

I did like LISP.

So much I build a LISP interpreter in FORTH.

I did like FORTH.

So, why the hard sell on functional languages?

To me, they were always gold.

OO is a funny thing.  Functional thinking, so called, is an Anti-Pattern.  Of course, that’s only true when constructing programs in OO.  However, OO always did too good a job at obfuscating the functionality – to its detriment.  Go figure, the JVM was eventually fitted with journalling to ostensibly provide a functional look at what was going on in your application, that is people felt it necessary to provide a tool to reverse engineer the running application – scary.


History eh?!

I was speaking to a younger (like me ex) software engineer.  I would mention things like the “Software Crisis” – he would have a blank look on his face.


Another blank look.

Smalltalk, remember wasn’t going to catch on because it is byte code interpreted on a virtual machine.

Up the horsepower and viola!  Java byte coded virtual machine a winner! For a while, as it made never get over J2EE.

So, Erland and Elixir are gold I tell you.  Best of both worlds.  Running on a virtual machine and functional.

That’s it.

That’s my rant over.




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