Yet another bonus!

Mate at work, the one that handed me his Odroid C1 when he decided he would dump the small PC approach to media replay for a service provider, mentioned he was bringing in his Raspberry Pirate for me.

Now this is a bonus as I was using one of my ODROID W as a MQTT and node-red host.  I would much rather use the ODROID W for other things, so I will rebuild my thingime-box clone with a Raspberry Pirate.

I don’t recall what model he said it was but I recall a while back he was talking B+?  Don’t care in any event as it can sit humming out of sight.

I had actually used an erlang based MQTT broker, if that doesn’t offend – rather than Mosquitto.   I have also been looking at moving to RabbitMQ as it has a hook into XMPP that might allow talking between SPADE2 (python) agents and Erlang/Elixir AMQP clients.

To facilitate these transactions I note that there is an interesting hook into RabbitMQ is a (so-called) script-exchange.  This might be the hook into the problem of converting to/from FIPA ACL.  Obviously needs some work but will be  a fun way to sort out an understanding of XMPP.


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