Did DFRobot send me a dud?

You might remember I did have a previously run-in with DFRobot when I won a prize in one of their competitions but never got the prize.

This time I forked out AUS$50 for a CurieNano.

I just setup to tryout the CurieNano board to find, while the IDE recognises it and connects by COM port, it won’t upload software??

That is, new IDE, new board, naught. It just flashes at the 1/second rate that comes out of the box.

Posted to various user groups … we’ll see how that goes.

What stings, of course, is not just AUS$50 but I did purchase the pro library from General-Vision (to get access to all 128 neurons apparently).  So now I have burnt most of AUS$100.

Hopefully I can sort this through.

POST SCRIPT, DFRobot admitted they have seen this problem before.  I have also tried installing arduino IDE on a window laptop to do the “is it my computer”?  The device is most definitely a dud.

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