So how much does a MiP robot cost?

Why I ask is my wife finally got us a dining table, huge thing too.

It was bought on auction for about 1/4 of its RRP.

She jokingly said “we need a robot to run up and down the table with the salt and pepper”.

So, I thought hack a MiP.  It would be a good start.

KMart have them for $99.

LittleBirdElectronics has them for … $194.04 dollars!?

I know KMart has more buying power but why would you even think to go up against them and to sell the same item for twice the prices?

Looks like this “open source”  and “maker” friendly group may be over pricing some of their offerings.

Might just be the XMas push.

The price seems to flip between the two across a lot of suppliers.



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