LBE 1 – DFR 0

Go figure, I grabbed a SF-Genuino 101 to find the same problem with it as the DF-CurieNano.

Research suggests there is no fix for the problem.  It has been fixed for some by swapping from Windows 10 to Windose 7.   Or vice versa for some.  For some that doesn’t fix it.

It has turned up on Linux boxes.

So, it doesn’t appear to relate to the box you’re running it on.

Now interestingly a couple of people, at least, found (where they had two Genuino 101 on hand) one would work and one would not.

S0 that in itself suggests a bad batch of boards or chips.

There was a muttering about bad batches of boards going out July-Aug on some forums but no confirmation from Intel or Arduino.

Oddly though, the Arduino forums have been reporting the same problem.

Now LBE is happily taking my Genuino back.  One private email with a precis of the problem and I am good to return it.  Even if it is, coincidently, my PC and my laptop as the “problem” I can’t use the device.

DF, not so much, stuck me on a public forum and then offered to replace the CurieNano if-and-only-if it displayed errors that it wasn’t, in my case, displaying.  In other words, no return.

Now, what I am banking on is if/when a firmware update comes through.  Assuming it is a firmware problem then the CurieNano should come good right?  That is as long as it doesn’t rely too much on the firmware on it for uploading new firmware … you see the point.

We’ll see I suppose.

Still, quite a tardy story coming from, primarily, Intel.  Despite, that is, all the money they spent on their website to make it pretty.  Still, if no one looks too hard, and nothing is admitted to, it just goes away.  A bit like those episodes with McAfee … what you don’t know?!  You see what I mean.


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