Talk about Serendipity

So, I am writing another paper to see if I can get to a conference, next year, in Italy.

I was chasing a comment made by Jeff Southerland around software quality stats kept at Palm Inc that (apparently) showed how if you fixed a bug in your code 3 weeks are you found it, instead of the first hour after you found it, you were more or less guaranteed of taking 24 times longer to fix it.

Now, I was interested in tracking down any likely papers from Palm Inc on the subject.

Go figure the guy you invented the Palm Pilot (I had one, I saw their potential … at the time at least) has gone into AI with a python brain thingy.

So there is some solace now with the Curie “defunctionality” – note I claim authorship of this word!

It can mean delivery of dead functionality.

We can muse over whether that is deliberate or unintentional.

But I digress.

I wonder how NuPIC compares with TensorFlow?

NuPIC is interesting because of the claim it is embeddable.




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