Wife out at yet another xmas do.

I got the Mother In Law to be the taxi tonight as I am wanting to build my node-red setup on my ODROID-C1 for the OpenSprinklette development.

Go figure, the nice chap at Intel sent me a link to the factory flash recovery for the Arduino 101 along with a README on how to reflash with the factory firmware.

My heart dropped for the moment, I had already sent the Genuino 101 back to LBE and the first half of the README.pdf was how to attach a Flyswatter to the JTAG pins exposed on the Arduino 101.

Haven’t got a Flyswatter2.

However, reading on and there is a USB upload … DOH!  The dreaded USB upload.

Now I didn’t think it would work but I have a vodka and am waiting for my home delivery from the Indian restaurant around the corner – so convenient – so I thought since the Intel chap went to the trouble …

… out of the rubbish bin comes the DFRobot CurieNano …

… alas, the Intel factory reflash kit could not find the board, on the USB port the ODROID-C1 was just talking to my Telnet terminal on, and on the same cable.

If it didn’t work, the Intel chap suggested I speak to the Arduino people.  Who will recommend I speak to Intel.  Who will recommend …

My head is dizzy.

There are some JTAG pads on bottom of CurieNano board, but do I have a JTAG programmer amongst all my gadgets?   I quite honestly don’t remember ROLFMAO.

I will have to put the CurieNano back into a drawer until I go through my drawers … hey wait, I have my Altera FPGA “Blaster”.

I wonder?!?!!?!?

Probably not as the Flyswatter2 brags ARM support.  Luckily LBE have Dangerous Prototype’s BusBlaster-V4!  That would go so nicely with my LogicSniffer that I bought from them soooo long ago.

Still do I bother with the CurieNano?

Depending upon the problem, the JTAG route may not be any use either.

And it is another $80, but potentially well spent – if only to get a JTAG gadget.  Haven’t really had the call to have one.   I have used them at work and they were getting better and better even then.  Not to mention now open source software like openocd.

Maybe after Christmas.  Money even tighter now after I had to rush the BoxerXStaffy to the emergency vet last night.  Whimpering sod, it turned out his “botty” glands were swollen.  Who knew he would be so receptive to a stranger with latex gloves …


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