LBE=2, DFR=-1

I just got notification from LBE that they have refunded the money for the Genuino 101 that neither of my computers can see it on any of their USB ports.

DFR are still insisting I delete IDE, re-install drivers, all the things I have already done ad nauseum.

Not to mention I had the FAIL with the Intel Curie Arduino 101 factory recovery flash kit which will not upload via USB on the DFR Curie Nano on either of my computers or on any of their USB ports.

No JTAG around so all too hard (not going to invest $80 on a JTAG gadget just to fix the problem with the Curie).

So watch yourselves with DFR as they are not really interested in returning things that should work but don’t.  Go figure I did not have the experience described on the Getting Started page, and no-one at Arduino or Intel can help.  So, given the hours put in and the systemic problem encountered I am now officially bored with Intel and their maker adventure.

I note also that DFR have pulled their CurieNano (so-called not in stock).  Coincidence?



2 Responses to “LBE=2, DFR=-1”

  1. Severin Puschkarski Says:

    Do you know of some alternative? TinyTile seems still to be in development and the normal Genuino/Arduino 101 is too big and lacks battery managment.

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